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Plan of the Educational Offer

The State Art High School “Emilio Greco” of Catania presents the Plan of the Educational Offer (POF) that defines the general programmatic lines of the service offered by the Institute. The POF is “the fundamental document constituting the cultural and planning identity of the scholastic institutions and explicit the curricular, extracurricular, educational and organizational planning that the individual schools adopt within their autonomy” (Article 3 of Presidential Decree 275/99). It is a flexible document, elaborated with a three-year deadline by the Teaching Body on the basis of the general guidelines for the activities of the school defined by the Board of Institute, as well as the proposals and opinions formulated by the various school components; it is adopted by the Institute Council and can be updated annually in order to adapt the educational-didactic commitment to the students’ training needs, to the requests of the territorial reality and to the expectations of the school community.



If the students do not achieve the minimum objectives, the Institute provides for recovery interventions for both the entire class and for the individual pupil.

Supplementary teaching interventions

The Class Council decides the implementation of courses of recovery and support to be held before the beginning of the school year, in itinere or at the end of the didactic activities.

Teaching desk

The teachers of different disciplines are available once a week – in extra-curricular times – for any clarification on the subjects of study. Students can access the “teaching desk” for groups of maximum three units.

Open classrooms

The initiative, promoted by the individual sections of the Institute during extra-school hours, provides for the opening of laboratories and design rooms for in-depth activities


The Institute dedicates particular attention and energy to Education and Health Promotion. Recipients and co-stars are not only the young students, but, together, all the people involved in various capacities in the school community


The institutional frame of reference is given by theoretical-practical elements taken from the Italian Constitution (articles 2, 3 in particular), by the World Health Organization


For students not resident in Vittorio Veneto, the city can be reached by public transport. FF.SS. o of the car companies operating in the territory. These services are able to satisfy the time slots interesting the students of our high school, along all the main lines.


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The Best Parental Guide for Evaluating Daycare Centres in Morayfield

The Best Parental Guide for Evaluating Daycare Centres in Morayfield

In case you are a parent in Morayfield you might have heard about the horrors that happen in daycare facilities in case things go wrong.  This might make you feel like you are making the wrong mistakes by choosing to take your child to a daycare centre so that you can go back to work. However, you have to make sure that you provide your child with the best lifestyle that they deserve and this means that going back to work is the best solution for you.

Despite the horrors you have been hearing about daycares are a great place for children but you need to ensure that you select the right facility for your child.  For you to select the right daycare for your child, you will require to have the right information as possible about everyone and everything in the facility you select. This is why you need to learn how to evaluate daycare centres before you begin your search for the best daycare centres around you.

Things to Evaluate When Looking For Daycare Facilities in Morayfield

Parents need to be sure that they are taking their kids to the best daycare facilities so that they can be comfortable at work. This is why evaluating daycare facilities is very important for parents looking for daycare facilities.  When you evaluate the following things you will also be able to select the right daycare centre for your little one.

  • The safety of the daycare

Since you want to be sure that you are sending your child to the best daycare, you need to evaluate the level of safety offered by the daycares.  Check all the safety measures used in the facility and find out whether they ensure that your child is safe when you send him or her there.

  • Level of hygiene

Kids are very delicate and they need to be in the most hygienic and cleanest environments all the time. This is why you need to evaluate the level of hygiene in the daycares you visit. This will help you in selecting the best daycares where you will not have any worries about your kid getting any diseases or infections due to being exposed to a dirty environment.

  • Caregiver competency

The other thing that most parents do not know that they need to evaluate is the level of competency of the caregivers in the facilities they select. Most parents think that caregivers are caregivers and whether they are competent or not, they should not care. However the kind of care that the caregivers offer is determined by their competency level. This is why you need to evaluate them so that you can take your child to the daycares with the most qualified and experienced caregivers who can take care of your kids professionally.

  • The ratio of the caregivers to the kids

Also, try to find out the number of caregivers available in the daycare and how many kids they take care of. This will help you evaluate the ratio of the caregivers to the kids. This way, you can select a daycare with a lower number of kids and higher number of caregivers. This gives you an assurance that your kid will give the attention they need every time they are in the daycare.

  • License and insurance

Lastly, you should evaluate whether the daycares you are selecting are offering their services legally or not.  Also, find out whether they are responsible people or not. This will help you in finding out whether they are licensed and insured and you should not compromise on these two things since they tell you a lot about the daycares you select. Therefore, be sure it is a licensed and insured daycare.

If you have been selecting the wrong daycare facilities every time, it might be because you do not care to evaluate the facilities before selecting them.  For this reason if you want to select the right daycare for your child next time, you need to make sure that you evaluate the daycares you find thoroughly. By using the above tips, you will be able to select the best daycare and you can be sure that your child is in the safest hands as you work. We highly recommend that you check out Day One Early Learning.

Why Are Learners Likely to Do Well in Alternative High Schools?

High school is usually one of the most important moments for every learner since it is the

time when they change and transform in different ways. This is when learners attain their personal growth and start figuring out who they are. Apart from these, during high school, students begin deciding about the college they would like to join, the college they

would like to join, and the career they would like to pursue. For this reason, high school moments are crucial and always determine the kind of future every student has is why parents must always make sure that they take their kids to the best high schools. Unfortunately, human beings are different, and therefore, not every student will be comfortable going through the traditional education, especially because it is not the right fit for them. Instead, these students need a different type of education rather than their traditional education, known as alternative education. Therefore these students have to be placed in the best alternative high schools to thrive in their education.

What Makes Students Do Well in Alternative High Schools?

As a parent, before you decide to take your child from a traditional school to an Alternative High School, you have to make sure that your decision is right. It would be so unfortunate if you messed up your child’s High School moments. For their sake, you have to do thorough research to ensure that you’re making the right decision to take a child to an Alternative High School. One of the things that you need to research is what makes students do better in alternative high schools compared to traditional High schools. In case you’re doing your research, you should consider including the following reasons in your notes;

  • Alternative high schools have a small class size

 If you are sending your child to a traditional high school. Be sure that your child will be learning in a crowded environment since traditional high schools accommodate very large class sizes due to the large populations of students enrolled every year. For this reason, it will be very difficult for the teachers to attend to the needs of all the learners personally compared to the alternative high schools where the class sizes are very small. Due to the individual attention given to the learners in the alternative high schools, they can do well in their education.

  •  Learning takes place outside the classroom walls

High school alternatives for your children have programs that allow them to teach their learners outside the classroom walls rather than spending the whole day in the classroom. Therefore, these learners can learn and gain practical experiences in a wide range of films in their studies. Also, learning from the outside is enjoyable and like learning in a traditional classroom setting which can be boring to some students. Since students enjoy learning outdoors, it is easy for them to be attentive, and therefore they are likely to do better in their education.

  • Alternative learning encourages creativity

The creativity level of learners who have gone through alternative high school is very different from those who attended the traditional high schools. This is because alternative high schools have programs that keep on exposing their learners to the real world, where they face acting challenges and difficult problems that may have to do so for them to be successful. This helps them be more creative, which is an important element for their success.

Why Are Alternative High Schools Expensive?

One of the reasons parents will not take their kids to alternative high schools is that their fees are very expensive. However, alternative high schools are expensive since their programs are costly, especially because they are tailored to specific fields. In addition, the cost of hiring tutors and providing the required facilities is also costly compared to the traditional High School programs.

What mistakes should parents avoid when selecting childcare centre for their children in Launceston?

One of the decisions that you have to make as a parent is the childcare centre that your child will be attending. Most parents usually have a tough time when selecting the right childcare centre for their child, especially because of the high number of childcare centres in their area. Despite the many challenges parents Encounter they must select the right for the children.

One of the things that parents can do when selecting a childcare centre for their children is avoid mistakes that will hinder them from selecting the right childcare centre for their kids. With the right information parents always select the better childcare centre for their kids.

Mistakes to avoid when selecting a childcare centre in Launceston

Since the kind of childcare centre you select for your child determines whether your child is taken care of well or not, you must avoid several mistakes if you want to select the best childcare centre in Launceston. These sections contain several mistakes that parents make when selecting students for their kids. For the sake of the future of your child is necessary for you to ensure that you avoid making the following mistakes:

  • Selecting the first childcare centre you come across

If you are looking for childcare centres in Launceston be sure that you will come across so many childcare centres. However, most parents are too lazy to look for childcare centres for their children and therefore they end up selecting the first childcare centre they come across. As a parent, you must have the interest of your child at heart and therefore you must make sure that you look for as many childcare centres as you come across before deciding on the childcare centre that suits you as a child. You must always avoid deciding after you come across the first childcare centre.

  • Failing to research

You might think that selecting a childcare centre for your child is a simple task but the truth is it is not. You will encounter so many challenges when selecting a childcare centre for your child which is why you need to research adequately before you begin searching for one. If you research the childcare centres in Launceston you may end up selecting the wrong one.

  • Last-minute selection

When you’re selecting a childcare centre for your child you must always do all you can to avoid last-minute targeting selections. This is because you’ll be in a hurry to select any childcare centre you come across. Therefore you should begin looking for a childcare centre immediately when you decide that your child will be joining a childcare centre so that you can have an easier time visiting different childcare centres and identifying the one that is best for your child.

  • Ignoring online reviews and ratings

There are parents who look for online reviews and ratings for different childcare centres in Launceston before identifying a childcare centre for their children. The rating and reviews provided by previous parents tells you more about the childcare centre you want to select. However some parents will ignore this information and end up selecting childcare centres with negative reviews and bad ratings.

  • Failing to visit the childcare centre

First-hand information provides you with a better chance of making the right decisions. If you visit a childcare centre before selecting it you are able to check on the facilities available as well as speak to the administration and teachers in the childcare centre. Unfortunately, parents fail to visit childcare centres before selecting them and therefore they end up selecting the wrong childcare centres for their children.

Despite the fact that human beings make mistakes, you must never make mistakes when you’re selecting a childcare centre for your child. If you avoid the above mistakes you’ll be in position to find a safe and private child care centre for your child. Since your child deserves the best they must attend the best childcare centre.

What to look for when selecting a daycare in Crestmead

What to look for when selecting a daycare in Crestmead

Every parent has to make the toughest decision after their maternity leave is over. You have to go back to work yet you have become attached to your child for the few months you have been taking care of him or her. For this reason, deciding on whether to take your child to a daycare or hire somebody to take care of them at home is a tough decision.

However tough it may be this decision must be made since you are required to go back to work and earn a living for your child. Getting somebody to take care of your child can be tougher as compared to selecting a daycare in Crestmead. With the high number of daycares here you will always find a daycare for your child as long as you know what you are looking for and the daycares.

Things to look for when selecting a daycare for your child in Crestmead

Whenever you are looking for a daycare for your child in Crestmead you always want to make the best choices. This way you will know that you have selected a daycare that suits your child. However, this can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for in the daycare you will be sending your child to every day. For this reason, you need to come up with a checklist of the things that you need to look for when selecting a daycare for your child in Crestmead. in this case, if you don’t know what to look for when selecting a daycare for your child check out the following thing discussed in the following section before you begin selecting a daycare for your lovely kid.

1. Safety

The safety of your child is among the important things that you need to think about any time you are taking your child anywhere without your supervision. This is why you need to look at the safety level in the daycare you are selecting in Crestmead. Always make sure that you are selecting a safe place for your kid.

2. Activities

You need to figure out the kind of activities the daycares you find in Crestmead have. This is to ensure that you find a daycare with plenty of physical activities, group activities as well as storytelling. You could ask the daycare managers about the activities they have for the kids and also check the timetable to find out whether the activities available are suitable for your kid.

3. Infrastructure

Take some time and look out for the infrastructure available in the daycares you wish to select for your child. Some important daycare infrastructure includes furniture, washrooms, beddings, potty training seat desks, tables, toys, balls, among others.

4. Proximity

As a working parent, proximity is an essential factor to think about when selecting a daycare for your child. This is to ensure that you select a daycare that is near your place of work to allow you to pick and drop your child at the appropriate time. It also helps you get to the daycare anytime there is an emergency.

5. Quality of staff

You also need to look at the quality of the staff taking care of your child in the daycare as you select. You do not want to select a daycare with unqualified and inexperienced staff since they will never get her to the needs of your child.

When do you make your decision?

You also know when to make a call about the best day care services in Crestmead and when to continue looking for other daycares that may interest you.  However, if you find the above things in the daycare you are visiting, you can be assured that it is a great one for your kid.

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