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Plan of the Educational Offer

The State Art High School “Emilio Greco” of Catania presents the Plan of the Educational Offer (POF) that defines the general programmatic lines of the service offered by the Institute. The POF is “the fundamental document constituting the cultural and planning identity of the scholastic institutions and explicit the curricular, extracurricular, educational and organizational planning that the individual schools adopt within their autonomy” (Article 3 of Presidential Decree 275/99). It is a flexible document, elaborated with a three-year deadline by the Teaching Body on the basis of the general guidelines for the activities of the school defined by the Board of Institute, as well as the proposals and opinions formulated by the various school components; it is adopted by the Institute Council and can be updated annually in order to adapt the educational-didactic commitment to the students’ training needs, to the requests of the territorial reality and to the expectations of the school community.



If the students do not achieve the minimum objectives, the Institute provides for recovery interventions for both the entire class and for the individual pupil.

Supplementary teaching interventions

The Class Council decides the implementation of courses of recovery and support to be held before the beginning of the school year, in itinere or at the end of the didactic activities.

Teaching desk

The teachers of different disciplines are available once a week – in extra-curricular times – for any clarification on the subjects of study. Students can access the “teaching desk” for groups of maximum three units.

Open classrooms

The initiative, promoted by the individual sections of the Institute during extra-school hours, provides for the opening of laboratories and design rooms for in-depth activities


The Institute dedicates particular attention and energy to Education and Health Promotion. Recipients and co-stars are not only the young students, but, together, all the people involved in various capacities in the school community


The institutional frame of reference is given by theoretical-practical elements taken from the Italian Constitution (articles 2, 3 in particular), by the World Health Organization


For students not resident in Vittorio Veneto, the city can be reached by public transport. FF.SS. o of the car companies operating in the territory. These services are able to satisfy the time slots interesting the students of our high school, along all the main lines.


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What to look for when selecting a daycare in Crestmead

What to look for when selecting a daycare in Crestmead

Every parent has to make the toughest decision after their maternity leave is over. You have to go back to work yet you have become attached to your child for the few months you have been taking care of him or her. For this reason, deciding on whether to take your child to a daycare or hire somebody to take care of them at home is a tough decision.

However tough it may be this decision must be made since you are required to go back to work and earn a living for your child. Getting somebody to take care of your child can be tougher as compared to selecting a daycare in Crestmead. With the high number of daycares here you will always find a daycare for your child as long as you know what you are looking for and the daycares.

Things to look for when selecting a daycare for your child in Crestmead

Whenever you are looking for a daycare for your child in Crestmead you always want to make the best choices. This way you will know that you have selected a daycare that suits your child. However, this can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for in the daycare you will be sending your child to every day. For this reason, you need to come up with a checklist of the things that you need to look for when selecting a daycare for your child in Crestmead. in this case, if you don’t know what to look for when selecting a daycare for your child check out the following thing discussed in the following section before you begin selecting a daycare for your lovely kid.

1. Safety

The safety of your child is among the important things that you need to think about any time you are taking your child anywhere without your supervision. This is why you need to look at the safety level in the daycare you are selecting in Crestmead. Always make sure that you are selecting a safe place for your kid.

2. Activities

You need to figure out the kind of activities the daycares you find in Crestmead have. This is to ensure that you find a daycare with plenty of physical activities, group activities as well as storytelling. You could ask the daycare managers about the activities they have for the kids and also check the timetable to find out whether the activities available are suitable for your kid.

3. Infrastructure

Take some time and look out for the infrastructure available in the daycares you wish to select for your child. Some important daycare infrastructure includes furniture, washrooms, beddings, potty training seat desks, tables, toys, balls, among others.

4. Proximity

As a working parent, proximity is an essential factor to think about when selecting a daycare for your child. This is to ensure that you select a daycare that is near your place of work to allow you to pick and drop your child at the appropriate time. It also helps you get to the daycare anytime there is an emergency.

5. Quality of staff

You also need to look at the quality of the staff taking care of your child in the daycare as you select. You do not want to select a daycare with unqualified and inexperienced staff since they will never get her to the needs of your child.

When do you make your decision?

You also know when to make a call about the best day care services in Crestmead and when to continue looking for other daycares that may interest you.  However, if you find the above things in the daycare you are visiting, you can be assured that it is a great one for your kid.

Importance of Quality Brunswick Childcare

Importance of Quality Brunswick Childcare

Letting their child get quality early education is the important concern of many parents in Brunswick. A child attending quality Brunswick childcare gains countless benefits in putting their best foot forward in relationships and learning.

The foundation for the future success of children is directly affected by their earliest experiences. A nurturing home and loving parents are the first and most crucial early experiences for children.

 Quality childcare also provides another kind of nurturing experience to the development and growth of children. Quality childcare has become an essential part of families with working moms and dads.

Preparing the children for formal schooling is another crucial reason for parents to opt for quality childcare.

Importance of Quality Childcare

Anxiety over leaving a child in the care of someone else is often the thing that stops parents from choosing childcare. However, numerous early education studies show that letting a child attend quality childcare does not cause negative effects on him/her. 

The findings of the various early education studies linking quality childcare to the development of children have been fairly consistent. The long-term benefits provided by quality childcare to children include:

  • Reduced conflict with caregivers
  • Enhanced cognitive abilities
  • Establish great relationships with peers
  • Enhanced language development

However, the studies show that enhanced growth and development in children happens when the choice is quality childcare.

How early should children attend quality childcare?

Infant care has become one of the increasing programs integrated into quality childcare. However, early education experts emphasize that the most crucial influence on the development of a baby is family relationships. Brain development and a sense of security are stimulated when the care at home is responsive, warm, and sensitive.

The studies further found that leaving an infant with childcare while parents work does not create any interference with family bonding. The influence parents have on their infant does not affect his/her development and level of attachment even when left in the care of quality childcare.

What are the different kinds of childcare?

There are two kinds of childcare: home-based or centre-based. A non-home environment that provides care for a large group of children is the services offered by quality centre-based childcare. Home-based childcare, on the other hand often uses a provider’s home to provide care for a smaller group of children.

Children under the age of three are often the participants of quality home-based childcare. The stronger emphasis on education fostered by quality childcare centres makes them ideal for older children.

The common types of childcare providers are:

  • Quality childcare centres for older children aged 13 and above
  • Family care childcare for a small number of five to seven children
  • Centre-based childcare for eight to twelve children

Ensuring high-quality childcare

Identifying quality childcare can be challenging as there’s no guaranteed method with the search. The varied requirements and child care standards are at the discretion of state laws.

The only way to guarantee the high quality of childcare is through national accreditation. A childcare centre recognised and certified by national accreditation is seen as the gold standard when it comes to quality child care.

The key qualities parents need to look for in their choice of a childcare centre are responsive and warm caregiving. Children are likely to thrive when the care providers of childcare promote positive ways of teaching social and language development. Contact us at Happy Hippo Kindergarten and Childcare Centres to know more about us.

Benefits of a Private High School Coomera

Benefits of a Private High School Coomera

The choice between charter schools, public schools, independent private schools, and online schools are the options available for families in Coomera today. The question of benefits provided by a private high school, Coomera is always asked by families.

The number of private schools in Coomera today has established their unique positions to make them the most popular choice a great school choice during the pandemic.

The various nurtures, challenges, and virtual learning provided by a private high school, Coomera offers the finest preparation for the future of a child. Students attending private schools have been seen to go on to their choice of colleges or universities.

Private school education provides a host of benefits. The response of private schools to the pandemic offers families two blended education programs: virtual learning or in-person learning. The learning options offered by private schools to families in Coomera provide flexibility no other kinds of schools can do.

Moving between the two options offered by private schools provide families a solution fitted to their comfort levels. Other multiple benefits private schools offer to families include:

Encourage the love of learning

The flexible teaching programs of private schools are geared to teach the best learning methods to students. The innovative ways implemented by private school programs deliver challenging ways for students to learn. This type of learning method enhances the student’s desire to learn, engage his/her attention, and boost their natural curiosity. The combination of all these elements creates lifetime learners that will not thrive only in school but beyond.

Flexible learning programs

The COVID pandemic has brought a lot of changes to lifestyles in work and learning. Private schools are better equipped to meet the learning challenges brought on by the pandemic. The remote learning and on-campus offer from private schools provide families the option to move between these two options.

Classroom and campus spaces of private schools implement small pod spaces between teachers and students. Complying with the recommended CDC protocols make learning safe for both teachers and students involved in on-campus learning.

The technology investment of private schools allows them to offer virtual classes for families that want learning within the home.

Foster closer relationships between teachers and students

Closer relationships between teachers and students are fostered by the low teacher-student ratio typically practiced by private schools. The smaller sized class allows students to feel a sense of belonging. This, in turn, make students feel believed in, understood, known, and challenged to give their utmost best.

A school that reflects family values

The unique philosophy of private schools makes them the ideal choice for families. The mission and values embraced by private schools allow families to choose the one that aligns and resonate with their family values.

Whole child development

Cooperation, respect, self-control, and empathy are character traits celebrated and taught by private schools’ character education courses. Private schools that academic achievement and character building are essential for students to become successful in life. The curriculum of private schools intentionally integrates character education rather than just an add-on.

The future of students enrolled in a good private high school is bright. The proactive critical thinking and collaboration learning challenges are great skills students learn from private Christian schools.


Why daycare is so important for young children

Why daycare is so important for young children

Families today need two incomes from both parents to get by financially. For parents with young children, daycare has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

The increasing amount of single parenthood has also created a need for daycare. This makes them capable of holding a job and raising their young ones at the same time.

Many working parents are often stressed with their inability to manage jobs and the raising of kids at the same time. The long-lasting academic, social, and economic benefits provided by daycare centres for both kids and parents become the viable option.

Importance of Daycare for Young Children

Multiple studies show that a daycare environment benefits infants, babies, and children from the ages of 6 months to 4 years. The host of benefits provided by daycare centres include:

Structured activities and schedule

It has been seen that children thrive on routine activities day in and day out. The routine schedule at daycare provides children a feeling of security and belongingness as they interact with peers and teachers.

Activities such as storytelling and songs delight children no end. Not only are children happy with such activities, but it is also essential to their intellectual development and growth.

Parents worry less about having to put up with their children’s erratic behaviour at the end of the day due to unstructured times for napping, playing, and eating.

Intellectual growth

Numerous studies have discovered that teens with higher scores in academic and cognitive advancement had spent time as young children in high-quality daycare centres. High-quality daycare centres are defined by the studies as facilities providing extensive interaction with cognitive-enhancing activities, support, and teachers.

Interaction with peers

Spending time with peers is essential for children. The social interaction children do with peers is readily provided by high-quality daycare centres. The structured, safe, and supervised environment of daycare centres helps children to play, share, learn, problem-solve together. This allows their minds and personalities to emerge and grow positively.

Time with other adults

Parents and other older members of the family are the first interaction that very young children have with adults. Time with other adults as authority figures and mentors are provided by high-quality daycare centres.

The quality care provided has been seen as directly related to high-quality daycare centres. Quality caregiving by adult providers allows children to learn the discouragement of negative traits while being encouraged to show a positive attitude.

Transitioning to kindergarten becomes a seamless process

Formal schooling can be a scary experience for children that have not been exposed to daycare. Parents that enrol their children directly to kindergarten without the benefit of daycare tend to become less involved in school life.

Parents and children that have daycare experience are provided a smooth transitioning to kindergarten. The early involvement of parents with the care and education of their children also transitions as well with formal schooling.

Provides parent-to-parent social interaction

Parents dropping off their children in daycare centres eventually encourage them to interact socially with other parents. This social interaction with other parents benefits parents and children alike. A study has found that immense benefit is gained by parents spending even a small amount of time talking with other parents.

Choosing the best daycare for their precious child is a challenging task for all parents. Contact us at Sippy Downs Early Learning and Day Care for more information.

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Following the ridge of Langa we arrive instead to the cemetery church of San Giovanni, an ancient parish church that contains the most complete and impressive cycle of gothic frescoes of the Asti area ……..

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A few hundred meters from San Giovanni stands isolated tower of Vengore, thirteenth century and very similar, in shape and size, to those of Olmo Gentile and Visone

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