Letting their child get quality early education is the important concern of many parents in Brunswick. A child attending quality Brunswick childcare gains countless benefits in putting their best foot forward in relationships and learning.

The foundation for the future success of children is directly affected by their earliest experiences. A nurturing home and loving parents are the first and most crucial early experiences for children.

 Quality childcare also provides another kind of nurturing experience to the development and growth of children. Quality childcare has become an essential part of families with working moms and dads.

Preparing the children for formal schooling is another crucial reason for parents to opt for quality childcare.

Importance of Quality Childcare

Anxiety over leaving a child in the care of someone else is often the thing that stops parents from choosing childcare. However, numerous early education studies show that letting a child attend quality childcare does not cause negative effects on him/her. 

The findings of the various early education studies linking quality childcare to the development of children have been fairly consistent. The long-term benefits provided by quality childcare to children include:

  • Reduced conflict with caregivers
  • Enhanced cognitive abilities
  • Establish great relationships with peers
  • Enhanced language development

However, the studies show that enhanced growth and development in children happens when the choice is quality childcare.

How early should children attend quality childcare?

Infant care has become one of the increasing programs integrated into quality childcare. However, early education experts emphasize that the most crucial influence on the development of a baby is family relationships. Brain development and a sense of security are stimulated when the care at home is responsive, warm, and sensitive.

The studies further found that leaving an infant with childcare while parents work does not create any interference with family bonding. The influence parents have on their infant does not affect his/her development and level of attachment even when left in the care of quality childcare.

What are the different kinds of childcare?

There are two kinds of childcare: home-based or centre-based. A non-home environment that provides care for a large group of children is the services offered by quality centre-based childcare. Home-based childcare, on the other hand often uses a provider’s home to provide care for a smaller group of children.

Children under the age of three are often the participants of quality home-based childcare. The stronger emphasis on education fostered by quality childcare centres makes them ideal for older children.

The common types of childcare providers are:

  • Quality childcare centres for older children aged 13 and above
  • Family care childcare for a small number of five to seven children
  • Centre-based childcare for eight to twelve children

Ensuring high-quality childcare

Identifying quality childcare can be challenging as there’s no guaranteed method with the search. The varied requirements and child care standards are at the discretion of state laws.

The only way to guarantee the high quality of childcare is through national accreditation. A childcare centre recognised and certified by national accreditation is seen as the gold standard when it comes to quality child care.

The key qualities parents need to look for in their choice of a childcare centre are responsive and warm caregiving. Children are likely to thrive when the care providers of childcare promote positive ways of teaching social and language development. Contact us at Happy Hippo Kindergarten and Childcare Centres to know more about us.