All workplaces must provide a safe environment for workers. Keep in mind that injuries at workplaces are inevitable, though a well-regulated environment can reduce the odds of occurrences of work-related injuries. Currently, workplace injuries cost businesses millions of dollars.

To avert such situations, businesses need to obtain the new as4801 certification. It means that such companies follow safe practices which reduce the risk of workplace health and safety disaster. AS4801 certification is given to businesses in Australia and New Zealand, though these businesses can get a certification, i.e., ISO 45001, which is fast gaining popularity and is accepted around the globe.

Do you really need AS4801 certification for your business?

Everybody wants to be safe in their workplaces. In fact, workplace safety is not negotiable regardless of the industry. All businesses must comply with workplace safety regulations and laws. Failure to comply usually can result in high litigation cost, damage to brand reputation and a drain of the resources.

Typically, AS 4801 is an occupational health and safety management system that ensures that businesses comply with WHS laws; thus, creating a safe workplace for employees and stakeholders.

For a business to attain this kind of certification, they need to adhere to the set rules. Essential the AS4801 lays down the requirements necessary for certification. The requirements are made simpler by placing them into clauses. They provide the structure for a business’s management system. The clauses include:

  • Clause 4 – explain the OHSMS requirements
  • Clause 4.2 – which explains in details the OHS policy
  • Clause 4.3 – deals with planning
  • Clause 4.4 – deals with the implementation
  • Clause 4.5 – deals with Measurement and evaluation
  • Clause 4.6 – deals with management review

The system stipulates in detail all the requirements that your business must meet in order to develop an efficient safety system. This step is beneficial because it shows the stakeholders and useful parties that your business is committed to providing a safer working environment to the workers’ as well as a commitment to workers safety.

Similarly taking such a step is an indication that you are committed to reducing costs that arise from workplace injuries and illnesses. The AS4801 applies to industries and organisations of all sizes, including the products and services it offers.

Creation of AS4801 system process

You must meet some minimum requirements before you get the certification. Nevertheless, you can get certified with the following few steps.

  • Familiarise yourself with the intention of AS4801 by reading through the standard
  • Get a grip of the set requirements in the AS480, and develop your management system
  • Asses how ready you are for certification by carrying out a gap analysis. This helps you identify an area that needs further improvements
  • Finally, get the certification. The process involves evaluating your business to ensure it is compliant with the best practice assessment in AS4801

Certification process

  • Evaluation of the management system documentation. This is to evaluate it against required standards – process, policies, scope management, etc.
  • Checking document requirements and ensuring that they are implemented across the business. This involves visits to the sites and companies and discussing the changes with employees
  • Certification – this is the final stage where you are issued with a statement of certification confirming that you are compliant with the relevant standards. The certification lasts for only three years since the date of registration.