Home is where children start their cognitive development. The holistic development of children to make them productive adults in the future is dependent on the home environment set for them.

Your child’s skills during his developmental years can be developed further with the help of a child care centre. In Clayton, childcare Clayton can enhance the development of your child in addition to the set environment of the home.

Your child acquires the proper early education by enrolling him in one of the nearest child care centres in your local area. Just remember to get the best child care centre for your kid to get the proper education appropriate for his age.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to know the price range of the child care centre in your area before making the final choice.

  • The way to optimize children’s learning is to choose a licensed child care centre in your area. A licensed child care centre ensures that requirements for programs appropriate for children of certain ages are met.
  • The learning horizons of your child can widen with his exposure to early education in a good child care centre. A good child care centre is one that encourages and enhances your child’s existing skills while developing new ones.
  • Exposing your child to early education is the best way for him to acquire new skills such as social interaction, regulated work and playtimes, and learning the basic rudiments of reading, writing, and math.
  • Being with kids his own age, or younger or older teaches important social skills such as sharing, friendships, and showing courtesy. Interacting with adults other than parents and relatives adds more social skills to a child.
  • The structured environment provided by child care centres encourages feelings of safety and belonging in young children. Far from being rigid, expecting the same schedules day in and day out has been seen as the most effective way of providing children with a sense of love, safety, and belonging.
  • Storytelling time integrated into the curriculum of a good child care centre enhances language skills in children. You might get surprised at the increased vocabulary your child acquires once he is enrolled in a child care centre.
  • Writing skills are also developed by making them learn to write letters. The practice of writing letters every day also leads to motor skills enhancement.
  • Math is taught in an interesting and fun way. Counting is usually integrated into a story as a way to catch children’s attention.
  • The structured setting provided by child care centres makes children’s transition to formal education easy and seamless. They will see kindergarten as just an extension of their early child care education. It has been found that children that have undergone early child care education excel more than their counterparts who never did.
  • Children usually are at their most active during the daytime. Enrolling your child at a child care centre provides them enough activities to fill up their entire day. This makes kids less energetic by the time they get home.

The holistic development of your child is helped by the varied educational programs of a good child care centre. Send your Nola Dee Child Care Centre in Clayton to get him ready for the big world.