When you’re planning a fun trip to Melbourne, you cannot simply go there for the wine tasting and pleasant weather. There has to be more to your journey even if you’re going for a single day. How about heading to their activity centers and enjoying the day unlike ever before? Melbourne has a massive market for activity centers that can be utilized for having fun during your trip to the state.

While there may be multiple activities to carry out during your tour, there’s a full time action ability to explore if you head out with your loved one or friends. Melbourne is known for its activity centers all over the world and there is nothing that supersedes them in action, fun and adventure.

Here is a list of top three Melbourne activity centres when you’re in the area:

1. Altona

One of the most beautiful places in the state, this is an activity center that is meant for the people who love pleasant weather, amazing weather and freshly produced wine. From the amazing cruise ships to direct involvement with the wine producers to ensure fresh grapes. There is nothing that beats the flavor of sipping wine with amazing weather on the coastal highway when you’re cruising around with your loved one.

There is nothing better than having the pleasure of wine, food and activities. From multiple activities to gaming and shopping centers, here’s everything you’ve been looking for.

2. Ivanhoe

With a small population of 12,000 people in the overall district, this is an amazing activity center where you can enjoy. From amazing weather to cruising activities and wine tastings, there is nothing you can enjoy more on a trip to fun-land! This is where the party begins and how you get to make new friends.

You will also feel encapsulated by the culturally rich architecture that is meant for your taste! You will be able to enjoy the amazing feeling you have when you’re in the district with your friends. Sip on to fresh wine and enjoy the taste of delicious food without moving to another place!

3. Brunswick


From the cruise to amazing roads to wide angled buildings and enjoyable landscape, there is nothing you will miss when you’re in this district. There is the best option for enjoying food joints, enjoy boating and even the pleasant winds around town. This district is at 50 feet above sea level which gives you the ability to enjoy amazing weather.

You can also hold a party along the cruise line with your friends and family members at this joint. There is nothing better than having the enjoyment of freshly obtained wine for refreshing taste and enjoyment. There are hundreds of cultural shopping centers for your entertainment and luxury lifestyle.