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Plan of the Educational Offer

The State Art High School “Emilio Greco” of Catania presents the Plan of the Educational Offer (POF) that defines the general programmatic lines of the service offered by the Institute. The POF is “the fundamental document constituting the cultural and planning identity of the scholastic institutions and explicit the curricular, extracurricular, educational and organizational planning that the individual schools adopt within their autonomy” (Article 3 of Presidential Decree 275/99). It is a flexible document, elaborated with a three-year deadline by the Teaching Body on the basis of the general guidelines for the activities of the school defined by the Board of Institute, as well as the proposals and opinions formulated by the various school components; it is adopted by the Institute Council and can be updated annually in order to adapt the educational-didactic commitment to the students’ training needs, to the requests of the territorial reality and to the expectations of the school community.



If the students do not achieve the minimum objectives, the Institute provides for recovery interventions for both the entire class and for the individual pupil.

Supplementary teaching interventions

The Class Council decides the implementation of courses of recovery and support to be held before the beginning of the school year, in itinere or at the end of the didactic activities.

Teaching desk

The teachers of different disciplines are available once a week – in extra-curricular times – for any clarification on the subjects of study. Students can access the “teaching desk” for groups of maximum three units.

Open classrooms

The initiative, promoted by the individual sections of the Institute during extra-school hours, provides for the opening of laboratories and design rooms for in-depth activities


The Institute dedicates particular attention and energy to Education and Health Promotion. Recipients and co-stars are not only the young students, but, together, all the people involved in various capacities in the school community


The institutional frame of reference is given by theoretical-practical elements taken from the Italian Constitution (articles 2, 3 in particular), by the World Health Organization


For students not resident in Vittorio Veneto, the city can be reached by public transport. FF.SS. o of the car companies operating in the territory. These services are able to satisfy the time slots interesting the students of our high school, along all the main lines.


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Daycare in Queanbeyan

Daycare in Queanbeyan

To find a secure, trustworthy and reasonable daycare can be a challenging task for parents. Daycare for a child is initial for positive growth and to have a comfortable life. Especially in Australia daycare can be a bit expensive when compared to other countries. Parents need to spend almost around $7500 to get a good quality daycare. If you’re a working parent then the main task for you is to find a proper daycare for your child and to do so you need to ensure that what type of facilities you’re looking for. There are various types of Daycare organisations in Queanbeyan which can offer a number of services according to your need. These are few names for you to know more about daycare:

Long day care

If you’re a working parent who works 9 to 5 daily then this can be your best option. These daycare offer services start from 6 am to 6pm and charge generally for half day or full day sessions. Unlike other baby care options, this is especially for working parents.

Family day care

As the name suggests this type of day care services are controlled by families. They can take care of up to 7 children generally but the majority should be in pre-school or above. Family day care is a comparatively cheaper option than others because it is run by normal families around the city. If you want your child to have a family environment in your absence then this is just the place for you.

Au Pair

I personally prefer this type of daycare option. If you’re aware with au pair then you may know that these are overseas people who come to live in your city for 10 to 12 months. They’re more cost-effective for those who have more than one child. These pairs live with you and take care of your child, their charge can vary from $250 – $350 per week. These pairs are good to go but the only problem is that they’ll eventually move on and you need to find another one.

Vacation care

So, your kid is in school and you are afraid of their vacations then this can be just the right option for you. Most of these vacation cares are run by the daycare centers. Vacation care offers services similar to daycare but you may have to pack a lunch for your kid. In Queanbeyan, child educators charge for vacation care around $50 – $99 per day.

All of these child care services can increase your financial load heavily but the Australian government allows child care rebate to ensure quality child care services for those parents who are worried about the cost. You can get up to 50% rebate in total cost, you just need to register and get the CRN number for your children. If you’re paying around $100 per day then with the help of this rebate facility it’ll cost you around $50 which is not much considering the fact that these day care services are up to the mark in quality. So, if you’re considering Queanbeyan childcare centres, then just choose one from these services and relax.

Tips on Private Schools in Brisbane

Education is truly the best legacy that one can leave for the children. In the world we live today, the best opportunities are reserved for the most highly educated people. It is not a coincidence that the most prosperous countries on earth are also the most educated. It is this fact of life that has made parents ensure that they get the best for their kids – and this same thing applies to the parents in Brisbane. In this lovely city in Australia, there are different types of schools – public, private, religious or even independent. The focus of this article in the subsequent sections is on how to enrol in one of the private schools in Brisbane .

  • Check the directories: This is the very first step that any parent should take when it is time to check out the most excellent private schools in Brisbane that you can select for your children. There are school directories that have been published by private and governmental bodies, and these publications contain very useful information that will guide all steps to be taken on private schools. These directories contain information such as the contact address, the facilities available, the capacities of the schools and even details on the management of the schools. Directories are always updated from time to time, and it is best to check the most recent versions.
  • Check the facilities: The next step to be taken in this regard is to take a look at the facilities present in the school. Ideally, the schools must have well-equipped libraries, first aid units or medical centres, sporting areas, properly lit classrooms, security posts and so on. Remember that your children are going to be spending a great deal of their time in the schools and the better the facilities, the better for the kids too.
  • Work within your budget: Even though the general belief is that private schools are not always on the cheap side, the reality is good news. The reality on the ground is that there are several private schools and each of these schools have different price packages. As a parent, do not make the mistake of choosing the one beyond your range. Go for the private school that has the most reasonable package for your budget. This will ensure that you will be able to sustain your children for as long as possible in the schools.
  • Check the financial aid available to students: Some of these private schools have scholarships, financial grants, aids and all forms of assistance to the most brilliant and indigent students. Ask the relevant departments for information on these benefits and see if your kids can also benefit from them.
  • Research on the alumni: The best private schools in Brisbane are proud of having some of the most excellent achievers as their former students. They even have events and ceremonies that they proudly organize from time to time. Background research on the alumni will be very helpful during the search for the best private schools.
Art Supply Stores in Melbourne

Art Supply Stores in Melbourne

It only takes creative imagination, and an exceptional manual dexterity in order to come up with a work of art, or some others say, a masterpiece in your own right. People will always have the right to criticise whatever they feel do not fit their style or taste, and the artist should always take criticism positively and look at the brighter side of life. It’s but natural for people to be very hard to please and whatever degree of effort you exhaust on the things that you love to do, pessimists will always have the excuse of creating flaws or loopholes in your work.

A work of art will certainly be unpleasant or incomplete especially when you present a masterpiece where the materials you utilise are substandard or inferior over the others. An expert or an art critic will always speak his mind and definitely, will always have something to say about your work. This is primarily the reason why art suppliers in Melbourne do not want to embarrass their customers whenever they need to purchase something significant. They have everything you need from a simple paintbrush to the gigantic painting canvas.

An art supply retail business applies all of the basic principles of retail sales; however, because it serves a niche market, you should have a keen interest and knowledge of the basic history, materials, trends and terminology of the fine arts and crafts industry. Finance the art supply store business venture.

Nature of a craft store

Some art supply stores in Melbourne does not only focus on raw materials that artists use in doing or creating their work but also sells ready-made or handmade items for individuals who have a natural love for art. Art memorabilia or rare collections are worth quite a penny, but its value for people is priceless, sentimental and are beyond compare. A few meticulous buyers do not go after mass production but for the originality of an item sold in an art store not only in Melbourne but also all around the world.

Online art supply store

Business entrepreneurs make use of the internet or world wide web in order to promote their art products and services. By simply creating a website and establishing a secure payment system, items for sale are displayed through image thumbnails along with its product description and the corresponding price. It is a more convenient way of shopping where items sold could be delivered by a courier or claimed personally by the buyer upon notice of arrival or availability.

Physical store

Despite the coming of new technologies in education, business and communications, the traditional or practical way of buying and selling are still alive as of today. Two significant reasons why clients or customers still prefer to do transactions personally are based on the idea that, first, you have the chance to see and touch or examine the item you are buying. The second important rationale is the manner of paying for the items you want. Paying in cash is the most important secret of the trade especially for sensitive materials or items like art supplies and other finished artworks. In here, customers could check for defects or damage and could suggest a replacement or a new order if the product is not found to be fit for purchase.

Going for both stores depends on your prerogative as a buyer or a customer. The next time you visit Australia, make sure you drop by Melbourne and take a peek at their art supply stores.



An essential style accessory

Scarves for women have been a fashion accessory which seems to have been around for ages. Whether it was the vintage scarves of the twenties about a century ago, the Greta Garbo style of the thirties or the current flair of the recent years. The best thing about a scarf is that no matter what time of the year it is, winter, summer spring or fall, a scarf can be worn and styled accordingly.

Scarves not only add a flair to your wardrobe but can actually help make you stand out just by the way it has been styled. While all women love scarves, there are few who are kind of intimidated by it. The main reason for this is that they are not aware of the proper way to style this simple yet classy accessory.

The following are some ways in which you can add scarves to your everyday ensemble without having to think a great deal.

As a basic fashion accessory

The scarf when worn with the correct style eliminates the need for wearing any other accessory. You can pair a printed scarf with a solid ensemble for some added colour. Similarly a plain scarf when paired with a printed blouse can add some modularity to an outfit. Its juts a simple method of mixing and matching prints and patterns in the right manner.

Scarves can be worn for a little extra warmth

Scarves come in a variety of materials. When the air gets a little chilly, a beautiful scarf draped gracefully over the shoulders can provide a bit of warmth. In the summer you can choose a silk scarf while in winter a soft wooly scarf can be really cozy yet fashionable at the same time. You can even carry a small scarf in your tote to wear during air conditioned flights.

Add some colour

A scarf is a great fashion accessory for those who believe in a capsule wardrobe. This is because the clothes are simple and basic in colour. If you want to add some flair and colour to an otherwise simple outfit, scarf can do an amazing job. It could be worn around the wrist to act like a fashion accessory of tied gracefully around the neck. No matter what way you choose to wear a scarf, it can bring out the fluidity in just about any solid coloured outfit.

The key to wearing a scarf is by creating our own signature style. If you aren’t too sure about styling a scarf you can check out various tutorials on the internet which guide you on styling scarves for women. When you do find a certain style and colour scheme which you like you would be surprised on how easy it is for you to style the scarf just the way you like. It can do wonders for your confidence and would surely make people sit up and take a second look.

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The tower, almost 30 meters high, has a circumference of 26.50 meters and the thickness of the wall at the base exceeds two meters. The summit is adorned with three orders of hanging arches …….

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Following the ridge of Langa we arrive instead to the cemetery church of San Giovanni, an ancient parish church that contains the most complete and impressive cycle of gothic frescoes of the Asti area ……..

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The parish church – as a plaque certifies – was commissioned in 1509 by the bishop Enrico Bruno, a native of the place, who died a few months after the start of the work. …..

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A few hundred meters from San Giovanni stands isolated tower of Vengore, thirteenth century and very similar, in shape and size, to those of Olmo Gentile and Visone

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