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Plan of the Educational Offer

The State Art High School “Emilio Greco” of Catania presents the Plan of the Educational Offer (POF) that defines the general programmatic lines of the service offered by the Institute. The POF is “the fundamental document constituting the cultural and planning identity of the scholastic institutions and explicit the curricular, extracurricular, educational and organizational planning that the individual schools adopt within their autonomy” (Article 3 of Presidential Decree 275/99). It is a flexible document, elaborated with a three-year deadline by the Teaching Body on the basis of the general guidelines for the activities of the school defined by the Board of Institute, as well as the proposals and opinions formulated by the various school components; it is adopted by the Institute Council and can be updated annually in order to adapt the educational-didactic commitment to the students’ training needs, to the requests of the territorial reality and to the expectations of the school community.



If the students do not achieve the minimum objectives, the Institute provides for recovery interventions for both the entire class and for the individual pupil.

Supplementary teaching interventions

The Class Council decides the implementation of courses of recovery and support to be held before the beginning of the school year, in itinere or at the end of the didactic activities.

Teaching desk

The teachers of different disciplines are available once a week – in extra-curricular times – for any clarification on the subjects of study. Students can access the “teaching desk” for groups of maximum three units.

Open classrooms

The initiative, promoted by the individual sections of the Institute during extra-school hours, provides for the opening of laboratories and design rooms for in-depth activities


The Institute dedicates particular attention and energy to Education and Health Promotion. Recipients and co-stars are not only the young students, but, together, all the people involved in various capacities in the school community


The institutional frame of reference is given by theoretical-practical elements taken from the Italian Constitution (articles 2, 3 in particular), by the World Health Organization


For students not resident in Vittorio Veneto, the city can be reached by public transport. FF.SS. o of the car companies operating in the territory. These services are able to satisfy the time slots interesting the students of our high school, along all the main lines.


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AS4801 certification: Standard For Occupational Health and Safety

AS4801 certification: Standard For Occupational Health and Safety

All workplaces must provide a safe environment for workers. Keep in mind that injuries at workplaces are inevitable, though a well-regulated environment can reduce the odds of occurrences of work-related injuries. Currently, workplace injuries cost businesses millions of dollars.

To avert such situations, businesses need to obtain the new as4801 certification. It means that such companies follow safe practices which reduce the risk of workplace health and safety disaster. AS4801 certification is given to businesses in Australia and New Zealand, though these businesses can get a certification, i.e., ISO 45001, which is fast gaining popularity and is accepted around the globe.

Do you really need AS4801 certification for your business?

Everybody wants to be safe in their workplaces. In fact, workplace safety is not negotiable regardless of the industry. All businesses must comply with workplace safety regulations and laws. Failure to comply usually can result in high litigation cost, damage to brand reputation and a drain of the resources.

Typically, AS 4801 is an occupational health and safety management system that ensures that businesses comply with WHS laws; thus, creating a safe workplace for employees and stakeholders.

For a business to attain this kind of certification, they need to adhere to the set rules. Essential the AS4801 lays down the requirements necessary for certification. The requirements are made simpler by placing them into clauses. They provide the structure for a business’s management system. The clauses include:

  • Clause 4 – explain the OHSMS requirements
  • Clause 4.2 – which explains in details the OHS policy
  • Clause 4.3 – deals with planning
  • Clause 4.4 – deals with the implementation
  • Clause 4.5 – deals with Measurement and evaluation
  • Clause 4.6 – deals with management review

The system stipulates in detail all the requirements that your business must meet in order to develop an efficient safety system. This step is beneficial because it shows the stakeholders and useful parties that your business is committed to providing a safer working environment to the workers’ as well as a commitment to workers safety.

Similarly taking such a step is an indication that you are committed to reducing costs that arise from workplace injuries and illnesses. The AS4801 applies to industries and organisations of all sizes, including the products and services it offers.

Creation of AS4801 system process

You must meet some minimum requirements before you get the certification. Nevertheless, you can get certified with the following few steps.

  • Familiarise yourself with the intention of AS4801 by reading through the standard
  • Get a grip of the set requirements in the AS480, and develop your management system
  • Asses how ready you are for certification by carrying out a gap analysis. This helps you identify an area that needs further improvements
  • Finally, get the certification. The process involves evaluating your business to ensure it is compliant with the best practice assessment in AS4801

Certification process

  • Evaluation of the management system documentation. This is to evaluate it against required standards – process, policies, scope management, etc.
  • Checking document requirements and ensuring that they are implemented across the business. This involves visits to the sites and companies and discussing the changes with employees
  • Certification – this is the final stage where you are issued with a statement of certification confirming that you are compliant with the relevant standards. The certification lasts for only three years since the date of registration.
Portrait Photographer Melbourne

Portrait Photographer Melbourne

Portrait photography can range from family photos to corporate headshots and many other things. If you live in Melbourne or the surrounding area, you can find many professional portrait photographers who will take just the kind of photos you want. You can be sure that you’ll find the one portrait photographer that will make you and your family feel relaxed and at ease. You can take a look online at the various company sites and choose the one that is right for you. Having professional portraits taken is a great way to preserve important memories of your family. 

If you are looking to have a family portrait taken, make an appointment with your chosen photography studio. WP Studio offer portrait photography in Melbourne. The photographer will organise a photo shoot at a location of your choice. Most families like to have their portraits taken surrounded by nature in their backyard or at a local park. It is also possible to arrange to have a professional portrait photographer take photos at graduation or special family event like a family reunion. Keep in mind when you are making your choice for an outdoor session, the best time to take photos is in the early morning or late afternoon. Most portrait sessions take around 1-2 hours, depending on how many family members are participating. After finishing the photo shoot, your photographer will give you a digital copy of the raw or edited photos.

1.          Corporate portraits

Corporate portraits get taken for academics and professionals who want to have a framed picture that stands out. These kinds of photos are great for online profiles, website bios, media, and speaker kits. Most of these portrait shoots take place in a photography studio or if you prefer a mobile studio that can be set up in your offices. You’ll be coached by the professional photographer to get the right expressions and poses. Afterwards, you’ll be given high-quality shots to edit of each person and delivered to you via USB stick or online.

2.         Portrait editing

Most professional portrait photographers will edit the photos they have taken before delivery to their clients. Some of the expected edits include skin smoothing, retouches to remove blemishes, tone adjustment, and to remove backgrounds. Once the editing has been done, you’ll receive your edited files on a USB sticky or through email.

3.         Portrait printing

Professional portrait photographers also organize the duplication of photographs. You can choose to have photos printed for portraits to hang on walls or to share with your family members. The photographer will discuss the dimensions of the images with you and arrange to have them printed at a local print shop.

4.         Making your choice of portrait photographers

The best idea is to get online and take a look at the sites that offer services for professional portrait photography. Online you can find out about all of their services.  Before making your decision, you can get free quotes on pricing. Afterwards, arrange to meet with the photographer to go over all the details before the photoshoot. There are many different kinds of portrait photography services available, and you can even choose to have your pets photographed as well. The choice is up to you, and you’ll see online that there is a wide range of photographers and services.

How your child will benefit from attending a childcare facility in Clayton

How your child will benefit from attending a childcare facility in Clayton

Home is where children start their cognitive development. The holistic development of children to make them productive adults in the future is dependent on the home environment set for them.

Your child’s skills during his developmental years can be developed further with the help of a child care centre. In Clayton, childcare Clayton can enhance the development of your child in addition to the set environment of the home.

Your child acquires the proper early education by enrolling him in one of the nearest child care centres in your local area. Just remember to get the best child care centre for your kid to get the proper education appropriate for his age.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to know the price range of the child care centre in your area before making the final choice.

  • The way to optimize children’s learning is to choose a licensed child care centre in your area. A licensed child care centre ensures that requirements for programs appropriate for children of certain ages are met.
  • The learning horizons of your child can widen with his exposure to early education in a good child care centre. A good child care centre is one that encourages and enhances your child’s existing skills while developing new ones.
  • Exposing your child to early education is the best way for him to acquire new skills such as social interaction, regulated work and playtimes, and learning the basic rudiments of reading, writing, and math.
  • Being with kids his own age, or younger or older teaches important social skills such as sharing, friendships, and showing courtesy. Interacting with adults other than parents and relatives adds more social skills to a child.
  • The structured environment provided by child care centres encourages feelings of safety and belonging in young children. Far from being rigid, expecting the same schedules day in and day out has been seen as the most effective way of providing children with a sense of love, safety, and belonging.
  • Storytelling time integrated into the curriculum of a good child care centre enhances language skills in children. You might get surprised at the increased vocabulary your child acquires once he is enrolled in a child care centre.
  • Writing skills are also developed by making them learn to write letters. The practice of writing letters every day also leads to motor skills enhancement.
  • Math is taught in an interesting and fun way. Counting is usually integrated into a story as a way to catch children’s attention.
  • The structured setting provided by child care centres makes children’s transition to formal education easy and seamless. They will see kindergarten as just an extension of their early child care education. It has been found that children that have undergone early child care education excel more than their counterparts who never did.
  • Children usually are at their most active during the daytime. Enrolling your child at a child care centre provides them enough activities to fill up their entire day. This makes kids less energetic by the time they get home.

The holistic development of your child is helped by the varied educational programs of a good child care centre. Send your Nola Dee Child Care Centre in Clayton to get him ready for the big world.

Surprising benefits provided by Kindergarten Brookvale to your kids

Surprising benefits provided by Kindergarten Brookvale to your kids

How important is the kindergarten program to your kids? In Brookvale, why do you have to let your kids attend kindergarten Brookvale?

The kindergarten program has lately been found by a research study to produce surprising benefits to kids. According to the study, later success in life happened to kids that have gone through kindergarten than those who didn’t.

The research study discovered three compelling findings of the difference in later life between kids learning in kindergarten compared to those who didn’t.

Better lives

The study found that:

  • Single parenthood was not likely to happen to kids that attended kindergarten compared to those that never did
  • There was a higher percentage of college attendees and graduates with kids who underwent kindergarten
  • Kids who attended kindergarten showed higher incomes than those who didn’t
  • Kids who attended kindergarten were likely to get retirement plans

These striking facts found by the study dispelled the diminishing effects in formal elementary and high schooling that were formerly believed to happen to children attending kindergarten.

The direct impact of kindergarten teachers

The study further discovered that kindergarten teachers significantly influenced their students not only with test scores but overall character building and values. This shows that kindergarten classes handled by the best teachers have a direct impact on their students in adulthood. This made the study conclude that the good influence of kindergarten teachers on their students should also reflect an exponential salary increase for them as well.

Early education gain for the kids

The powerful education gained by children attending kindergarten is a less clear finding from the study. The benefits of early education were something the researchers did not dwell on. However, it is worth to consider the obvious benefits brought on by kindergarten programs.

For one thing, children attending kindergarten learn to appreciate and value education. Their ability to learn as well as build up their competency is the valuable skills acquired in kindergarten.

The crucial life skills learned by kids in their early education to include persistence, motivation, patience, and discipline cannot be directly ascertained by testing alone. Yet, the character build-up instilled in early education is a valuable gain for children to help them in later life.

Lessons based on the Result of the Study

The research invokes several lessons based on the result of their findings.

Lesson 1:

Long-term benefit and educational attainment cannot be validly measured by testing. The lower test score results from children attending early education may be true. However, the benefits gained by children attending quality kindergarten programs are also obvious. Adult outcomes were the main goals of the research and not the test scores.

Lesson 2:

Teachers play a huge influencing factor in early education. The study makes you see that investing in early education for your kids is worth every penny. This makes it imperative to choose a high-quality kindergarten school for your kids. High-quality kindergarten schools hire only top-quality teachers which can prove beneficial to your kids later in life.

The surprising and unexpected findings discovered by the research study shows that there’s more to kindergarten than playing and socializing. The findings made by the study led the researchers to believe that test scores are less important than adult outcomes. Brookvales leading kindergarten, I Steam Ahead, is definitely the best choice you have for your child’s early learning stage.

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The tower, almost 30 meters high, has a circumference of 26.50 meters and the thickness of the wall at the base exceeds two meters. The summit is adorned with three orders of hanging arches …….

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Following the ridge of Langa we arrive instead to the cemetery church of San Giovanni, an ancient parish church that contains the most complete and impressive cycle of gothic frescoes of the Asti area ……..

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The parish church – as a plaque certifies – was commissioned in 1509 by the bishop Enrico Bruno, a native of the place, who died a few months after the start of the work. …..

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A few hundred meters from San Giovanni stands isolated tower of Vengore, thirteenth century and very similar, in shape and size, to those of Olmo Gentile and Visone

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