An essential style accessory

Scarves for women have been a fashion accessory which seems to have been around for ages. Whether it was the vintage scarves of the twenties about a century ago, the Greta Garbo style of the thirties or the current flair of the recent years. The best thing about a scarf is that no matter what time of the year it is, winter, summer spring or fall, a scarf can be worn and styled accordingly.

Scarves not only add a flair to your wardrobe but can actually help make you stand out just by the way it has been styled. While all women love scarves, there are few who are kind of intimidated by it. The main reason for this is that they are not aware of the proper way to style this simple yet classy accessory.

The following are some ways in which you can add scarves to your everyday ensemble without having to think a great deal.

As a basic fashion accessory

The scarf when worn with the correct style eliminates the need for wearing any other accessory. You can pair a printed scarf with a solid ensemble for some added colour. Similarly a plain scarf when paired with a printed blouse can add some modularity to an outfit. Its juts a simple method of mixing and matching prints and patterns in the right manner.

Scarves can be worn for a little extra warmth

Scarves come in a variety of materials. When the air gets a little chilly, a beautiful scarf draped gracefully over the shoulders can provide a bit of warmth. In the summer you can choose a silk scarf while in winter a soft wooly scarf can be really cozy yet fashionable at the same time. You can even carry a small scarf in your tote to wear during air conditioned flights.

Add some colour

A scarf is a great fashion accessory for those who believe in a capsule wardrobe. This is because the clothes are simple and basic in colour. If you want to add some flair and colour to an otherwise simple outfit, scarf can do an amazing job. It could be worn around the wrist to act like a fashion accessory of tied gracefully around the neck. No matter what way you choose to wear a scarf, it can bring out the fluidity in just about any solid coloured outfit.

The key to wearing a scarf is by creating our own signature style. If you aren’t too sure about styling a scarf you can check out various tutorials on the internet which guide you on styling scarves for women. When you do find a certain style and colour scheme which you like you would be surprised on how easy it is for you to style the scarf just the way you like. It can do wonders for your confidence and would surely make people sit up and take a second look.