How important is the kindergarten program to your kids? In Brookvale, why do you have to let your kids attend kindergarten Brookvale?

The kindergarten program has lately been found by a research study to produce surprising benefits to kids. According to the study, later success in life happened to kids that have gone through kindergarten than those who didn’t.

The research study discovered three compelling findings of the difference in later life between kids learning in kindergarten compared to those who didn’t.

Better lives

The study found that:

  • Single parenthood was not likely to happen to kids that attended kindergarten compared to those that never did
  • There was a higher percentage of college attendees and graduates with kids who underwent kindergarten
  • Kids who attended kindergarten showed higher incomes than those who didn’t
  • Kids who attended kindergarten were likely to get retirement plans

These striking facts found by the study dispelled the diminishing effects in formal elementary and high schooling that were formerly believed to happen to children attending kindergarten.

The direct impact of kindergarten teachers

The study further discovered that kindergarten teachers significantly influenced their students not only with test scores but overall character building and values. This shows that kindergarten classes handled by the best teachers have a direct impact on their students in adulthood. This made the study conclude that the good influence of kindergarten teachers on their students should also reflect an exponential salary increase for them as well.

Early education gain for the kids

The powerful education gained by children attending kindergarten is a less clear finding from the study. The benefits of early education were something the researchers did not dwell on. However, it is worth to consider the obvious benefits brought on by kindergarten programs.

For one thing, children attending kindergarten learn to appreciate and value education. Their ability to learn as well as build up their competency is the valuable skills acquired in kindergarten.

The crucial life skills learned by kids in their early education to include persistence, motivation, patience, and discipline cannot be directly ascertained by testing alone. Yet, the character build-up instilled in early education is a valuable gain for children to help them in later life.

Lessons based on the Result of the Study

The research invokes several lessons based on the result of their findings.

Lesson 1:

Long-term benefit and educational attainment cannot be validly measured by testing. The lower test score results from children attending early education may be true. However, the benefits gained by children attending quality kindergarten programs are also obvious. Adult outcomes were the main goals of the research and not the test scores.

Lesson 2:

Teachers play a huge influencing factor in early education. The study makes you see that investing in early education for your kids is worth every penny. This makes it imperative to choose a high-quality kindergarten school for your kids. High-quality kindergarten schools hire only top-quality teachers which can prove beneficial to your kids later in life.

The surprising and unexpected findings discovered by the research study shows that there’s more to kindergarten than playing and socializing. The findings made by the study led the researchers to believe that test scores are less important than adult outcomes. Brookvales leading kindergarten, I Steam Ahead, is definitely the best choice you have for your child’s early learning stage.