The Spanish artist Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes, aka Belin , is well known in the world of street art copyright , for his photo-realistic portraits that come to show a complete dump as only hyper-realism can.

After a journey in search of the origins of Pablo Picasso , his works began to adopt the typical elements of cubism , which are the rupture and arbitrary recomposition of the scheme, which in the case of a face makes it a distorted and disturbing figure .

Belin renamed his work post- neocubism and introduced in his murals and paintings his strong plate, that is, the most true portraits of the truth , creating an estranging and absolutely disturbing effect to his works.

The frame in which the faces interact is made of geometric shapes. Inside, the broken faces are not mentioned, as in the masterpieces of cubism, but perfectly outlined in every detail thanks to the perfect technique of Belin, who manages to create faces with a sense , although they are completely abstract.

Xomatok is a visual artist and art director who loves colors , especially the prismatic spectrum that is so fashionable on social media and hipster graphics of the last 10 years. But one thing is to see it done with Photoshop, other stuff is to see all the colors of the world recreated in a spray on the walls and facades of the single-colored buildings of Lima, Peru .

Below you can see his speeches at Villa el Salvador , one of the poorest neighborhoods in Lima, where the dirt and lack of services reign, where the houses lack the plaster and stray dogs roam the streets. Giving hope to a disadvantaged place is a noble task for an artist and Xomatok succeeds in his business, coloring his places with the powerful colors that spring from the prism, which immediately gives them joy.

His colorful and design work can also be seen on his Instagram page, which at first appears to be computer-generated and instead is entirely handmade, for a real explosion of joy.