Families today need two incomes from both parents to get by financially. For parents with young children, daycare has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

The increasing amount of single parenthood has also created a need for daycare. This makes them capable of holding a job and raising their young ones at the same time.

Many working parents are often stressed with their inability to manage jobs and the raising of kids at the same time. The long-lasting academic, social, and economic benefits provided by daycare centres for both kids and parents become the viable option.

Importance of Daycare for Young Children

Multiple studies show that a daycare environment benefits infants, babies, and children from the ages of 6 months to 4 years. The host of benefits provided by daycare centres include:

Structured activities and schedule

It has been seen that children thrive on routine activities day in and day out. The routine schedule at daycare provides children a feeling of security and belongingness as they interact with peers and teachers.

Activities such as storytelling and songs delight children no end. Not only are children happy with such activities, but it is also essential to their intellectual development and growth.

Parents worry less about having to put up with their children’s erratic behaviour at the end of the day due to unstructured times for napping, playing, and eating.

Intellectual growth

Numerous studies have discovered that teens with higher scores in academic and cognitive advancement had spent time as young children in high-quality daycare centres. High-quality daycare centres are defined by the studies as facilities providing extensive interaction with cognitive-enhancing activities, support, and teachers.

Interaction with peers

Spending time with peers is essential for children. The social interaction children do with peers is readily provided by high-quality daycare centres. The structured, safe, and supervised environment of daycare centres helps children to play, share, learn, problem-solve together. This allows their minds and personalities to emerge and grow positively.

Time with other adults

Parents and other older members of the family are the first interaction that very young children have with adults. Time with other adults as authority figures and mentors are provided by high-quality daycare centres.

The quality care provided has been seen as directly related to high-quality daycare centres. Quality caregiving by adult providers allows children to learn the discouragement of negative traits while being encouraged to show a positive attitude.

Transitioning to kindergarten becomes a seamless process

Formal schooling can be a scary experience for children that have not been exposed to daycare. Parents that enrol their children directly to kindergarten without the benefit of daycare tend to become less involved in school life.

Parents and children that have daycare experience are provided a smooth transitioning to kindergarten. The early involvement of parents with the care and education of their children also transitions as well with formal schooling.

Provides parent-to-parent social interaction

Parents dropping off their children in daycare centres eventually encourage them to interact socially with other parents. This social interaction with other parents benefits parents and children alike. A study has found that immense benefit is gained by parents spending even a small amount of time talking with other parents.

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